The seminar Level I Certified Infrared Thermographer is suitable for candidates who wish to know how to operate the thermocamera, as well as to make qualitative applications of Infrared Thermography /Thermal Imaging.

The program is sponsored by Human Resources Development Authority and approved by NACHI Building Inspectors International Organization where, it meets the educational requirements of its professional specifications and logo.

Duration of the seminar:

The seminar lasts 6 days and is organized by the Cyprus Energy Agency

Objectives of the seminar:

  • Be aware of and make predictive maintenance (P / PM)
  • Be able to monitor and evaluate system operation
  • Apply procedures that ensure quality in the services provided
  • Be aware of building science
  • Be aware of and understand infrared theory
  • Be aware of the concepts of heat transfer
  • They can make choices and know how infrared equipment works
  • Understand and comply with standards
  • Know and analyze images and be able to create professional reports
  • Learn to recognize and document thermal patterns created by inappropriate design or work as well as hardware failures
  • Know and understand electrical distribution systems
  • Know and understand engineering systems
  • Know the steam networks
  • Know and be able to study refractory linings
  • Be able to make an active thermography
  • Be aware of and be able to study building shells
  • Be able to make building thermography

The seminar is aimed at:

  • In all branches of engineering, industrial, construction and maintenance / upgrading facilities.
  • For those using infrared thermography, as a non-destructive testing (MKE) tool, process monitoring and energy inspection of building facilities.

Important clarifications:

  • Upon completion of the program, the trainees pass examinations and with a grade> = 80% receive the Level I Certified Infrared Thermographer® Certicifate certified by INFRASPECTION INSTITUTE.
  • The Cyprus Energy Agency awards a Training Certificate to those participants who will successfully complete the program.

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