The Cyprus Energy Agency conducts the seminar of theoretical training and practical training, "Energy Efficiency of Buildings - Methodology and Learning of iSBEMcy Software". The four-day seminar lasts 24 hours and is suitable for preparing candidates who wish to become Specialized Experts who will issue Energy Performance Certificates for buildings used as Residential and Non-Residential.

Objectives of the seminar:

  • The aim of the theoretical part of the seminar is to train the participants in the current legislation and the methodology for the energy certification of buildings
  • The purpose of the practice lab is the step-by-step learning of iSBEMcy software through case study and practice

The seminar is aimed at:

  • All ETEK graduates: Architecture, Civil Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Electrical Engineering, Electronic Engineering, Chemical Engineering, Environmental Engineering
  • To those who wish to prepare themselves properly for the Exam Qualified Examiners, who will issue Energy Performance Certificates for Residences. It is noted, of course, that the monitoring of such an educational program is not defined by the legislation as a necessary qualification for candidate Specialist Experts.

Important clarifications:

  1. The attendance of a training seminar for Candidate Qualified Experts is not included in the required qualifications that a person has to hold in order to enroll in the Register of Experts of the Energy Service. (KNP 164 / 2009)
  2. The Cyprus Energy Agency has been approved by the Energy Service as an evaluation body, capable of organizing examinations (KDP 166/2016), the success of which is a presumption that the successful person possesses one of the qualifications required to register in the register of Specialized Experts (KDP 164/2009, KDP 39/2014). According to the provisions of K.D.P. 166/2016, in case an evaluation organization is interested in conducting training seminars for the candidates Specialized Experts, the trainers should be different people from the subjects.
  3. Therefore, and based on the K.D.P. 166/2016, the seminar instructor is different from the subject designated for the examinations for Specialized Experts.

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