The Cyprus Energy Agency advocates for inclusive and accessible cities and communities that utilize public transportation and accommodate the needs of all people. We therefore, encourage you to visit our premises (2-12 Lefkonos Street, P.O. 1011, Nicosia, Cyprus) using alternative modes of transport, with less environmental impact, whenever possible! Which are these modes of transport and how to use them to get to our premises? Check the table below!

– Entrance through Lefkonos street No. 2, where our ground floor is accessible for people with mobility disabilities, and has a toilet specially designed and equipped for them.

Footnote: There are currently construction works in the area, that prevent the accessibility of wheelchairs on the pavement. If you are planning to visit our premises on a wheelchair, please let us know in advance, to add a supportive ramp for you.
– Entrance through Lefkonos Street No. 6, where a parking space for 2 bicycles is available. For the bike lanes of Nicosia, check out the map we prepared and is available here.

– Our Office is 30 meters from the 1 stop (Nikoleous-Faneromeni) and 9 minutes on foot from Central Bus Station (Solomos Square). See the relevant diagram below. 
– Available public parking spaces outside the walled city of Nicosia are located on Omirou Street, in the bastions Tripoli and Constance and in the ditch DAvilla.
– There are two underground parking spaces in the walled city of Nicosia and in close proximity to our premises. These are the "Faneromeni" Municipal Parking in Aeschylou Street, and another in Nikokleous Street. Check the relevant map below.
– In the walled city of Nicosia and in close proximity to our premises, there are also on-street parking spaces of 30 minutes maximum duration.

Footnote: If visiting our premises with your colleagues, we encourage you to drive together, to both save energy, reduce noise and air pollution and avoid traffic congestion in the historic center of Nicosia.
Cyprus Energy Agency's location on a map (Aeschylus, Lefkonos, and Nikokleous streets)

For our visitors from abroad

There are two international airports on the island; one in Larnaca and one in Paphos. Our premises are closer to Larnaca International Airport; the main airport of the island. Ercan Airport, which is located in the occupied area of Cyprus, in the north part of the island, is recognized only by Turkey and is not under the jurisdiction of the Republic of Cyprus.

From Larnaca and Paphos airports, and assuming that you are not driving a car, there are two ways to get to Nicosia; the city where our premises are located:

By bus to the Central Bus Station (Solomos Square):
– From Larnaca International Airport the cost of the bus with Kapnos Airport Shuttle amounts to €9 and it takes 40 minutes to arrive
– From Paphos International Airport the cost of the bus with Kapnos Airport Shuttle amounts to €16 and it takes 100 minutes to arrive

The Terminal of Kapnos Airport Shuttle is a bit outside the city center of Nicosia. From there, it is about a half-hour walk to the old town where are premises are located. You may alternatively walk 5 minutes to Limassol Avenue (via the pedestrian crossing bridge), and get a city bus (number 3, 4, or 5) towards Solomos Square. The bus ticket costs €2 and you pay by cash on board. More information can be found on the website of Cyprus Public Transport.

By taxi:
– From Larnaca International Airport the taxi costs €50 – €60
– From Paphos International Airport the taxi costs €120 – €140

For any assistance you might need to arrive to our premises, please call (+357) 22 667 716.