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Lefkonos 2-12, 1011 Nicosia

We are pleased to announce that we are starting as the new Country Coordinators for the European Climate Pact for Cyprus!

The European Climate Pact is a movement of people united by a common cause, each taking steps in their own worlds to build a more sustainable Europe. Launched by the European Commission, the Pact is part of the European Green Deal and is helping the EU to meet its goal to become climate-neutral by 2050, by inspiring citizens to take climate action. As country coordinators, we will be carrying out Climate Pact activities in Cyprus, and working with Climate Pact Ambassadors and the wider Climate Pact community to foster and amplify climate action on the ground.

Everyone has a place in the Pact. You can get involved whether you are just starting out on your climate action journey, or already working to make a difference in your world. You can take part as an individual or as an organization – for example, a city, a community, or an association. The Climate Pact is an opportunity to participate in climate action across Europe. It is a place to share information and learn about climate change, develop and implement solutions, connect with others and maximize the impact of your activities.

As our community grows, so will the scope of the Pact’s activities. We are very proud of our participation in the Pact and of our new role in it. To learn more about the Pact and to become part of it, visit the website:


🌳 WE MADE A PLEDGE FOR OUR PLANET 🌍 We are proud to announce we have joined the #EUClimatePact! We are taking concrete action for the climate and the environment. We encourage you to do the same - join the movement and help build a greener Europe! Find out more at #MyWorldOurPlanet