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Lefkonos 2-12, 1011 Nicosia

The "Creation of Zero Energy Schools" project approaches the needs of school buildings in Cyprus in a comprehensive and comprehensive manner, in order to upgrade them in terms of energy and at the same time solve chronic and timeless problems, such as heating, air conditioning, lighting and ventilation. Among other things, school buildings are sought to become learning tools and places of experiential education for the development of environmental and energy awareness.

The project undertakes a wide range of actions with the aim of upgrading at least 25 public school buildings to the level of the Near Zero Energy Building (NEE Building) and improving the comfort conditions in the interior spaces, thus contributing to the achievement of the National and European goals of Cyprus for energy and climate. The implementing body of the project is the Energy Office of Cyprus.

Through the Cohesion Policy Programme, "THALEA 2021-2027", the construction part of the project is co-financed, while the technical support part is financed through the European Union PDA (Project Development Assistance) program of Horizon 2020, and the project PEDIA.

Through the project, investments of €20 million are activated which triggers the development of a long-term energy upgrade strategy for all public school buildings, through the introduction of a procedural framework based on environmental, energy and socio-economic criteria.

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The project is implemented within the framework of the Political Cohesion Program "THALEIA 2021-2027", with the co-financing of the EU.

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